Student Testimonials:


“ Gregory is a very good teacher.  He relates well with his students and doesn't make things so complicated” -Jeff Perkle


“Gregory is very positive in his teaching style and encouraging.  His lessons are relaxed and build confidence” -Debbie Gleason


“Gregory is an outstanding teacher of the game of golf.  His teaching methods are clear, concise and very helpful in improving all aspects of your golf game.” -Bobby Gleason


“Lubbock and the Rawls course are very fortunate to have Gregory Fields available for instruction.  Regardless of skill level he will help players improve their games. (Enjoyable too, I might add” -Ron Williford


“Being a person who had no idea about golf, Gregory was an amazing teacher. Not only did he work with me on all around technique and the ins and outs of the game but he also helped me pick out a set of clubs that would work best for me” -Brittaney, Dallas, Texas


“Gregory's teaching philosophy is focuses on your strengths not your weaknesses. His approach to the game helps you visualize the shots.  He has helped me to improve my game, and more importantly, the mental aspects of my game.” -John Zaner, Director of Culinary, La Cantera Resort and Spa.


“I decided to set up a lesson with Gregory in mid 2016 after experiencing unexplained ball- striking and consistency issues.  Gregory made suggestions on posture and alignment that proved invaluable and my scores immediately improved!  We visited on three other occasions and he continued to positively tweak my swing.  Time and money well spent!” -Ron Rogers, Lubbock, Texas


Professional Testimonials:


I had the fortune to teach side by side with Gregory for over fifteen years at the Kapalua Golf Academy.  When searching for a golf instructor it's a rarity to find a teacher who places as much emphasis on the student as he does on the swing.  That is exactly what Gregory is all about.  He will not just improve your game but your enjoyment of the game” -Ben Hongo, PGA Director of Instruction, Kapalua Golf Academy


“I have worked with Gregory for many years.  We have hosted clinics, schools and special programs together.  He is one of the best in the business.  Sign up for his programs.  You will have fun, learn and of course get better.  I highly recommend Gregory” -Claude Brousseau, Master PGA Director of Instruction, Golf Channel/ Ko Olina Golf



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